Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Sunday I had a moment, after having been on edge since Friday ( earthquakes really make a mark on me: it's a reminder that we're so very mortal, which is good in so many ways and terrifying in others. They're like little dress rehearsals for complete chaos and maybe even death ) where Anthony looked at me from across the room and said, "Let's get out of here some day this week."
Yesterday we took our poor spent minds and healthy bodies into the desert to Quartzite, AZ. This is what was there:
The Annual International Gem and Mineral Show!!! I came home with some of the most gorgeous and gentle stones: Variscite, Turquoise, Blue Chalcite, Prehnite, Mookaite, Rough Fire Opal, Sonora Sunrise and Pink Opal.
My favorite? Honduran opal, which is a rainbow of flickering fire and huge to boot! This picture is 1/100th of its grandeur. 

Thousands of little fires in rainbow colors burn brightly over the whole stone. Unreal!
In the car on the drive home I got an idea that is my exit from burnout using leather: a line of beauties that I will be making in the next week - omigosh leather. 
Retro. Elegant and a little bubblegum-snappy. Oh MY!!!!
It's back to the studio for me, custom orders abound and I did a bit of rearranging: I took the keyboard out into the sunny living room and put in a second chair so that the half of the room that isn't equipment has a look of rest about it.

That makes me feel more inclined to be there even more than I wished to be! Jones was destroying the right corner of that chair, digging his claws into the original maroon velvet with intent to un-stuff it, so the new arrangement doubles as historic preservation!
A beautiful, productive day to you all, my dearest friends.

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