Saturday, December 20, 2008

Something Rare

One of my favorite places for cabochons carries some very rare stones. This stone in particular I had never even heard of before:
Eclipse Stone.
Apparently it is a form of rutile, crystal in various shades of yellow that has a host rock of hematite, a metallic grey or black stone often used in Native American jewelry. 
I couldn't stop staring at it: completely lovely and compelling. I bought three and held one to my throat without even thinking : pressed the stone into the hollow between my collarbones and felt.... better somehow. I don't know if I quite understand the meaning of crystals and how they heal the body, but I know a whole lot of people do.
Stones move me by sight, but this was the first stone ( not the one in the necklace ) that I felt compelled to touch to a specific part of my body.
What a wonderful mystery!!
I made a valentine to the moon with one of the stones: you can find it HERE.
You can also see it right here :)

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