Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Three More Days!

The handmade video portrait of me goes up Friday, not sure of the exact time of day, but there will be excitement in my heart from 6AM to bedtime, I am sure.
To clarify what this is: It's a five minute video that takes footage shot over the course of two days when Tara ( Weirdwolf on Etsy ) came over and peeked into my life!

You know that weird feeling you get when you hear yourself recorded and listen to your own voice speaking? I know I'll be feeling that!!

I also know this is something I can show my children. If you get a chance go HERE and see some of the the other videos: Tara is incredibly gifted and has a way of editing that gets into my heart.

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Dave Zeman said...

I wonder why I don't get a feed of your blog unless I click on it... anywho... can't wait to see the video, and I actually shopped for 30 minutes yesterday for a gift for Lori in Etsy... will be back to watch the video.