Friday, December 5, 2008


I got a convo from Ed, who runs Etsy lapidary shop called  Stones In Motion  speaking of the stones I use and our common love of opals.  We are on the same page. I am obsessed with stones, from ocean jasper to turquoise, Australian opal to Alabama Paint stone. Lately all kinds of jaspers have been  catching my eye.
The biggest draw? King Cobra Jasper. I cannot seem to find a cabochon that hasn't been snatched up immediately, but I was lucky enough to find a slab on eBay a day after I got my first convo from Ed.
I wrote to him asking if he would be interested in working with me on this rough slab and we found the perfect agreement. When these cabs come out you are going to freak out - the cabs this stone creates are magical. 

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