Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Better Thoughts

We all have thoughts that take us on a journey into the darkest places: fears, 'what-if's, fleeting desires that feel so strong we cannot reach their murky depths...
There are the middle thoughts: "what do I have for lunch today?" "Did I order that wire?" "My car is dirty" and on and on until we go to sleep and dream.
A great day for me means better thoughts: birds, butterflies, leaves and enough space in which to let them breathe and live.
A great day means meditation: that gorgeous engulfing blackness from which light starts to undulate and grow.
This painting is an homage to Better Thoughts. I will be listing it in the Leather Shop this afternoon. It is an acrylic painting with Leather hand-stitched thought bubbles and a texture to the background of meditative chaos: all black with richly textured and random strokes.

12 X 12 inches of love.

1 comment:

Dave said...

Go pinch yourself girl... report back if it hurts... I'm sure that you are an angel and not really one of us.