Saturday, February 14, 2009

For The Love of You

On this Valentine's Day I am thankful for so very many things. My greatest dreams have all come true and often they have little to do with who I am and much more to do with the community I find myself in.
My family and friends, my Schmilly, Jones and Jane are my immediate physical community, but online here and on Flickr and Etsy I am astounded and thrilled at the support and kindness we all give each other. 
Reading the comments on my blog I get to see how deeply shared our experiences as women really are, and it heals me when I need it most.
Reading the blogs and photo captions of my online community of friends I am undone by all of the grace, wit and beauty I am lucky enough to view. 
Yes, you can find the dirtiest of the dirty online, the saddest stories and the most raw images that can haunt you forever. Anonymity can lead to completely decimating comments and arguments fueled with blind rage: a war of ideas with no actual faces.
I choose not to engage in that which sends me reeling on these internets, and believe me I have had my moments where I cannot suppress my outrage and must shut down the computer and take a walk or sit on my stoop and watch the cars go by.
I have chosen my reading for that which feeds my soul ( and the occasional Dlisted snippet which doesn't feed my soul at all, but my goodness it makes me miss my deliciously flamboyant New York girlfriend boyfriends ) and allows me to remember how much goodness really exists everywhere.
This Valentine's Day I am grateful to you, the reader for allowing me to see glimpses into your world enough to know that we share so many commonalities it's nearly eerie.
I wish you more love than your heart can hold
An overflow of abundance in whatever way you need it
Something to snuggle deep into
And a sense of wonder when you open your eyes in the morning.


Anonymous said...

All the same to you, Allison! It is so refreshing and heartwarming to visit your blog. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, experiences, and photos.

susie said...

Thank you for letting us see the wonder of the world through your eyes in the art that you create. It is equal parts fun and inspiring.

radcow said...

awww Allison.... I just about cried reading those words!
You are amazing. I count my self lucky to be one of your cyber friends, and though I have never met you in person, I care for you deeply, and I am always touched by your work, your words, and your grace. I am so grateful that you are here brightening up these dark and dirty cyberworlds with your truth and brilliant light. xoxoxo