Wednesday, February 4, 2009

For Your Self

Interesting 24 hours, this - I had just been writing to my Scottish Angel about how my heart palpitations had ceased mostly - the funny thing is that yesterday they returned with a deep vengeance: 20-40 seconds of non-stop flip-flop every five-ten minutes!

Having been to the doctor for this before, I am aware that it's stress.

I have been working seven days per week nonstop with the hope that I could keep my little family afloat. I am really proud of my hard work, but yesterday it took its toll.
So, here's the deal - I will be taking weekends, just like normal people :) I will still be responding to convos for about an hour on Saturdays, but Sundays I will do everything in my power to be computer-free.

Yesterday I made two pieces: both evidence of self-love and care:

A promise ring sculpture that can be worn as a necklace and a shield ring with a boulder opal at the center.
Yesterday I made many promises to myself, and this jewelry is a reflection of my vow to be careful and generous to this body and mind. I really really hope I can walk the walk!


Dave Zeman said...

live long and prosper... you are too young to stress out, but I do understand even watching my 18 yr old stress out... that none of us are immune. The ones that tend to survive have this shit eating grin on their faces because they know love prevails...

8^) Here's one at you kid.


Anonymous said...

I feel ya. It's so easy to stress life.....definitely take weekends off! I've been doing it the last month and it's a lifesaver. It feels sooooooo good!
Be well!!