Saturday, February 7, 2009

Girly Sweetness

Ah, pink. Breezy, springy sweet and easy. Pink is the color of petals and innocence, of dessert and femininity. There is something light that comes to mind: a sigh. A rose lassi at an Indian Sweet shop.
Today in the metal shop there will be pink in triplicate.

The first ring is a delicious and large piece of Peruvian pink opal bezel set in a large freeform backplate and decorated with hammer marks, sterling coins and generously oxidized and brushed. The wide ring shank has been dotted with sterling, like so:

It is a size 7.75. Delicious!
The other day I got a shipment of the most gorgeous vintage Japanese cabochons, they feel like some sort of resin cast and they are painted in shades of pink and black - so playful and light!
I made one in size 7 with a narrow twisted wire band and one in size 8.25 with a wide art deco band so that two different tastes and sizes could enjoy them all the same.

I just got back from practicing with Matt E O and taking promo picks for both our tour and our big show in Redlands on February 25th at The Performance Loft.
Tomorrow one of my best friends and I might drive up the coast and rent a hotel overnight for a mini-vacay. That sounds heavenly to my very soul.
This photography and listing has been my hour of work for the weekend - how lovely to say a brief, "hello!" I am off to list and then off to read something under a comforter and a layer of cats.


LadyK said...

LOL @ "layer of cats". :)
The ring in the bottom two pictures is gorgeous!

Hope you were able to get away on a little vacation and had some fun.

Aisha said...

The Japanese cabochons are beautiful! I am currently drooling over the smaller sized one.

Sunny Rising Leather said...

LadyK, thank you so much!!

Aisha, I am so excited about the cabochons: I have never seen anything like them :)!