Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Cameo Rings Kitty Winks and Shiny Things

It is a cozy sweater day in Los Angeles with the sunshine and chilly wind outside. Here inside the our palatial manse we are tucked into our work and full of smiles and focus.
My painting sold in one day, but it will be hanging in the shop for a few weeks just for posterity's sake. There will be several birds coming in the coming weeks.
These are the delicate sterling items in the shop today:

1. A Cameo ring quickly reserved for a delightful buyer:

2. A Delightful Tiny Big Bang Necklace

3. A Tiny 'Yes' Necklace for those who need a little reminder:

And a few pictures of Jane and Jones in repose for those who need an 'aw' or a little chuckle.

I hope this day brings you something lovely and warm.

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