Sunday, February 15, 2009

THIS is precisely why I like doing things quietly

Youtube is a Godsend when it comes to promoting your music, but it is also a place where people can be particularly cruel and hateful in their comments.
Today I got my first really really bad one, and now I feel like posting another video would make me sick to my stomach. I wish hatred didn't make such a mark on my heart.

Ironically, this was posted in response to a Don Henley song, "The Heart of the Matter", not anything controversial or crazy.



Aspen Wear said...

Easier said than done...but ignore them. I think that the rude people that post on YouTube have nothing better to do than post sick comments.

Keep posting because there are people that appreciate your talent and voice, Allison! :)

Ann from Montana said...

Agree with Aspen Wear on all points.

That particularly is a spam-like comment in that there is nothing bearing any resemblance to even "constructive criticism", just random vile. Horrible, rude, insensitive, pointless.

┼Żabacorporation said...

Just don't mind these comments. People who write this don't think about what they write or to whom. They just want to be visible.
I hope this was the only one:)
But if not, just don't take them seriously, you are wonderful, don't let them spoil your day:)
ps: I can remember how disappointed I was having received my first spam comment on my blog;-)

Dave said...

I don't know what goes thru peoples mind...first

a big ((((((((((((Hug)))))))))))))))))

next let me tell you that you need to be prepared to sing two different cover songs when you come in May... Borderline for me, and Forever Young for the band...

You keep singing your heart...


Good Girls Studio said...

What is wrong with people?? Would you like me to fling poo on them ; )

Katherine said...

I've gotten some meanness on my blog from time to time. I try as much as possible to delete it and move on. Can you delete a comment on youtube? I logged on and marked it as spam, anyway. I'm so sorry.

Seeing you play live for the first time last night was lovely and amazing. Love you lots!

susie said...

So sorry - you keep making your joyful noise!

EmeliaRo said...

Someone just commented to me tonight that I needed to get "thicker skin"... I feel sad that that would be necessary but perhaps there's some merit to it. Besides that, no matter what we do in this life, there are always gonna be those who oppose us, just for opposition sake. So long as you do what you love and love what you do, as hard as it may be, those nay sayers should be paid no heed. Your voice soars my dear and no amount of vulgarity or tactlessness will EVER change that. :)

Amanda said...

That comment was just hateful spam. S/he probably sits at home all day doing nothing aside from leaving random toxic remarks on the channels of people who are actually doing something creative and brave and putting it out there. I remember hearing something about how it takes 28 positive remarks to erase the impact of one negative remark- I hope you hear 28 x's 1000 positive remarks to leave that jerk's awfulness in the dust because you have a lovely voice. :)

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Holey Moley the support is outrageous and heart-warming.
Honestly, I wish on everything that I can someday be that woman who looks on things like this and is not moved, but it gets so deep sometimes...
I think about the fact that someone that can be so callous has had callousness done to them and the thoughts snowball, aside from the obvious sock-in-the-gut feeling the comment creates.

It's just a matter of strength and faith.
You all have given me both - thank you from the bottom of my grateful heart.

daily coyote said...


When I was flooded with such comments the hardest part was being forced to realize that there are people out there who are capable of such things.

But then it turned into a lesson in compassion - compassion for myself and for others. It's purely undeniable that this comment came from a place of intense anger and pain - that this person is so filled with anger and pain they're offletting it on strangers on the internet!!

Send them love. It sounds insane but try it - you'll be amazed! (And I know YOU will FEEL it...)
xo S.

jordan said...

so here's the thing. some people are assholes. plain and simple. you on the other hand are a beautiful gift of creativity and loveliness. so never let someone who doesn't know you make you feel badly about anything you do. you're amazing, and your singing is something to be cherished (even envied). cyber hugs down your way from way up here in chilly saskatoon!

Ann from Montana said...

Just read DailyCoyote's comment and it made me somewhat ashamed of myself. My first inclination is always to want to "hit back" or retreat entirely. I'd really like to move to that place of compassion instead.

The Noisy Plume: said...

Let me at 'em.

AND Shreve is right. As usual:)

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Oh Shreve,

I loved him. It was hard, but I did it. Now it feels easier and beneficial to both of us :)
Thank you all so very very much, and Ann - we all go through that when we see something hard: we wouldn't be lovely and human if we didn't feel outrage at hatred at some point in the process :)

xoxoxoxoxox, ladies (and Dave)!