Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Complete Refill

This is what it looks like when someone under stress is relieved and renewed - free of all makeup and pretense and completely overjoyed and tired!!
It is because of Ojai, a sweet town in the mountains above Los Angeles, right next to Ventura.
Ojai is full of art and adobe houses, tangerines and singing night frogs. Ojai was chilly and blustery with rain, something rare for Southern California!
This weekend I spent an overnight there with my girlfriend Terra who was also in need of a battery recharge given her intense creative life.
We ate lots of veggies and talked about everything we've not been able to catch up on over the last few weeks. Like all best girlfriends on a sleepover, we stayed up late and watched Rock of Love Bus with our chins on our chests wondering if that was 'reality' for anyone other than those on the dreaded vehicle. 
I meditated more than I have in a long time and felt all sorts of cosmic activity around the crown of my head - I honestly feel like there is something incredibly special in Ojai!
In the next few days the evidence of my battery refill will populate the leather shop in the form of feathers, birdees and assorted other goodies.

Did I mention that I thought of you all when I was there and wished you the same experience wrapped in different clothes?


Ann from Montana said...

I get my "complete refill" wearing the necklaces and earrings made by you!! Seriously - the last few weeks when I've had a few difficult moments, I donned one of my Sunny Rising things and thought about things you've written about what goes into each beautiful item - restoration of spirit!

jordan said...

i had a bit of a (short) recharge this past weekend (sunday) with my in-laws and husband at the in-laws cabin about an hour out of town. we went tobogganing, snowshoeing, had a campfire in the snow, i read a book, i napped at ridiculous times in the afternoon, curled up on the couch with the heat from the fireplace lulling me...it was amazing. and much-needed after one doozy of a hellish week. deep sigh.

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Ann, that made my eyes water - what a huge honor :)

Jordan - I feel you mightily on the deep sigh - by the way - your ring was delayed for a day for the best reason ever: I found Matt's CD and it is on its way as well!!!

Good Girls Studio said...

I'm glad you're refueling :) you look refreshed!

Dave Zeman said...

Cool ... you needed it... I need sleep... I got a cold.

But I saunter off to work with the aid of Claritin...


jordan said...

yippeee!!! i'm stoked about the cd, thanks lady friend!! hugs and such