Monday, February 23, 2009

Of Note

This has been a very very very interesting month.
Below is a list of what I know:

1. Heart palpitations are amazing and cause you to reprioritize everything. I have spent so many days over the last month with my hand over my chest crying and asking my body what it needs.
I tried acupuncture and it felt really good, but drinking the herbs I've been given seems to be exacerbating the problem. So: no more herbs. I will be trying a mostly raw diet with as little refined sugar as possible.
I have already lost three pounds alone from not eating as much dessert. Oh how I miss my ice cream with whipped cream nightly!!!

2. At the beginning of next week I will be on vacay for a few days while travelling to Northern California ( Bay Area!! ) to go see about a job with Anthony. I have been dreaming about a little bungalow with a front porch.... might my dream be closer than I thought?

3. Sometimes the USPS loses things and it makes me sad.

4. I will be moving the shipping prices of very expensive things ( over 100 ) to reflect insurance and Priority Mail w/ delivery confirmation, for a total of $7.00 shipping for luxury items. I cannot afford to lose something so precious!

5. There will be a very lovely ring in the Metal Shop today

6. There will be a great custom order in the Leather Shop today: one of my lovely buyers is sailing the high seas for some months and I got to make the Ship's Log book!!!! Wow was that fun.

7. Wednesday is the biggest gig of the year for me in Redlands: The Performance Loft. If you're in the vicinity I highly recommend you come and see: two full hours and some full band stuff: tons of duets, tons of love.

8. I adore you all: tell me what is making your day great ?!


Ann from Montana said...

Things making my day great:

a post from you because it reminds me always to remember all of the good things in my life

a kiss from my dear dog

a head rub from my dear cat

Good thoughts from my house to yours on all you have going on.

susie said...

Things that make today a good day: My sister will be having her baby any time now, my kids are well fed and funny, I have a hubby who loves me (and vice versa) and most importantly I am learning to focus on these things and not all the other "stuff". Thank you for helping us see a sunnier side of life. Break a leg at your show, and as always, love the new pieces in your shop.

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Ann, I echo you on the head rub from your cat! Pat your big dog for me :)

Susie - Thank you so much! Those are amazing things - a brand new life! - wow :)

'Rin said...

My day is great because i have been able to actually concentrate for several hours on schoolwork, and because I am holding tightly onto a small bright kernel of hope for a happy future.

My Year Without said...

I just found your blog randomly...from a google search on sugar. Anyway, very cool stuff you're doing! Have fun in the bay area and don't forget it's the best place in the world for sourdough!

Naomi said...

I made yerba mate, added milk, cinnamon, and nutmeg, and sipped it slowly.

I remembered that even through the ups and downs, my sisters have always been there for me, both family and "adopted" sisters :)

Even with frustrations of working full time for someone else, my dreams of creativity and a home studio thrive in my heart.

Someday, somehow...

FF said...

As always, your posts make us contemplate the good in life along with the difficult. Don't despair! Everything happens for a reason...

Good things today:
-my cat purring next to me (making it hard to type)
-an email hello from a dear friend
-the lovely nurse helping me when I got my MRI
-the score from Elizabethtown

ed said...



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