Monday, February 2, 2009

Right in Our Own Backyard-ish

Yesterday I had my once-weekly demi-freakout about what's next for Anthony and I. They always happen on Sunday for some reason, much like childhood when  I used to cry every Sunday knowing that I had to go back to school. 
I was well-liked, I was a good student and I enjoyed academia - I still don't know why my reaction was that strong.
Likewise in September, right before school started I would have a sick stomach for at least a week - there is something about a locked amount of time for an endeavor that starts this inner bargaining thing... Any regional play I've done, any thing I've begun always comes with a freakout at the beginning - it's a rather human and lovable aspect of my normally brave self. 
Anthony is so good with my more vulnerable side, and yesterday while the world watched men throw around a football, we went to Malibu.
When I first moved here I thought that Malibu was the most beautiful place I'd ever seen - it's amazing how you get used to beauty and it becomes kind of normal to you.... we walked up The Point and enjoyed ourselves in the fading sun and icy breeze.

I cannot express how much I love my husband.
Yesterday we sketched out a game plan that involves leaving Los Angeles with the destination of Austin, TX or a few other places we were thinking of.
It was nice to dream, nice to think of the winds of change being harnessed a little by our ability to decide: God obviously has something planned, but I prefer to think Anthony and I can be good co-pilots, treating this time as a gift as scary as it can be.


Good Girls Studio said...

I like to pretend to be God's co-pilot at times too! Add Raleigh on your list of places to move to :)

Elaine said...

And I hope that Chicago is on your list too. It would be nice to actually hear you sing in person! I wish you both the best in the co-piloting adventure.

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Chicago is TOTALLY on our list of places for the tour we're doing in June! I'll let you all know everything :)