Monday, February 23, 2009

One for You aaaaaaaand One For Me!!

This gorgeous Orbicular Jasper ring will be in the shop in a few minutes. It is made for a smaller finger: I make so many middle sized rings: it is time for a wee 5.5 size ring.
This looks like a Monet painting, this gorgeous stone:

I also made something that I am most certain belongs to me: Moctezuma Agate from The Agate Works: their stones are a bit more pricey and worth every penny. Come to think of it, the Orbicular Jasper is from their shop, too!!

Here is Mine:

Filled with wee granules. I am in love with this bizarre and amazing stone.
I also got to make that Captain's Log I was telling you about: no sense not giving you a picture: this will sail across the ocean blue on the Tai Taki II!


::mari:: said...

Holy smokes, Allison, that ring you made for yourself is just *stunning*. I absolutely love it. Brilliant work!

And I owe you an Etsy convo response ... I'll get to it in short order. :) xo.

Vita said...

Niiice, nice, nice work! :)