Friday, April 10, 2009

Bubbling Over With Joy

A Peruvian Pink Opal I have been mooning over for almost a year: one of my first major stone purchases... I awoke with the idea for bubbles in mind and the pink was just too effervescent to ignore... 
I had to share in incredibly awkward moment with you all that happened yesterday when I went to get coffee: I got a mocha at a place in town called "Viva Cocolat" - so yummy. I went to the counter to get it, rich with whipped cream and the man at the little table next to me said, "That looks like what a person drinks when they deny themselves all other sensual pleasures in life." I blushed a rather deep shade of scarlet and without knowing what I was saying I blurted out, "Oh, no - just one of many many sensual pleasures I indulge in..." and promptly buried my burning face in my book.
I have to learn how to just let people say silly things without trying to make them feel heard and acknowledged! 

Anthony had similar moments at work and we laughed and laughed about how strange and awkward we are in our new town.
Yesterday marked three years since our first date and goodness knows I love looking at his face more than I did even then: he is so handsome!!! And sexy. 

Life is full and I must go tool!


Ann from Montana said...

The bubble ring is gorgeous and I think your response was perfect! - no need for blushing or face burying at all :) !!

Smaller towns - people do say funny things. I get questions on grocery items sometimes as I'm checking out and have learned to laugh at funny observations. When I go back to L.A. where I lived for 13 years, but have not lived there for 15 - I forget and make eye contact and smile. People look at me like I'm from Mars or avoid looking at me...and then I remember that things are different.

Elaine said...

I love the ring. It makes me think of little bubbles of celebration- it's a happy bauble. My finger wants to wear it!

I hope you are having fun exploring your new town!

Good Girls Studio said...

That is soo funny! Don't you love the boldness of strangers :)