Sunday, April 26, 2009

Curious and Curiouser

Something very bizarre and wonderful is happening in my house: my ex boyfriend is singing in my shower while my husband and I giggle about the powerful emotion emanating from our bathroom.
How do things like this happen?
Well, I come from another planet where I believe firmly that if we mingle many years of our lives with another that surely they deserve a place in our lives permanently.
Barring, of course, any physical harm or deep psychological damage.

My illustrious ex announced a roadtrip to Northern California while I was in Las Vegas and I bid him come have dinner with us.
It was delightful.
Billoah, the man I moved out to California to be with, has ended up becoming a father of one gorgeous girl and a fiance to an extraordinary woman.

I found in this strange new state of CA a man I could happily spend the rest of my life with -
Isn't that reason enough to celebrate over thai and offer a shower to a road-weary traveler?

Vegas was wonderful and lovely to leave: the wedding made me cry and I got to learn about quilting from Grandma Pierce.
What a privilege to watch my Danielle become a Mrs. - we have known each other since high school.

Wonders truly never cease!

I missed you all so much :)


Michaela Dawn said...

Hello there Sunny:)

I found you via The Noisy Plume and wanted to give my salutaions...

Hello :))))

I have had quite the gander at your work both silversmith and leather creations, and all's I can say it that both are utterly and undeniably stellar!

And so I will brows your shop to find just the right piece for moi,

BTW: This post it very sweet. You've a very kind heart it seems:)
Have a fine week, tata.

Michaela Dawn

Taddyporter said...

you are so good. I love that your heart is open to take in what is the very thing that hurt you.

in so many ways....

glad you are back and with an energized fourth chakra! have a stupendous week full of great things. xoMichelle

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Michaela, welcome to my little blog! Any friend of that amazing Jillian is welcome at all times :)

Thank you for your kind words :)

Michelle, isn't it amazing how forgiveness roots itself into your life? You have an amazing week, too, healer :)

Desiree Fawn said...

Hi hi -- lovely post. I am really good friends with almost all of my exes. It's really nice to be able to stay friends like that.