Monday, April 13, 2009

New Delicious Stones in the Metal Shop

This Sunday I did what people are supposed to do on Sundays: I ate ice cream, snuggled with the man I love and jumped on a trampoline with some of the awesomest pre-teens I have ever met.
Have you ever bounced on a trampoline? There is a pocket of space when two people are jumping together that the kids called "double bouncing" and you can send someone flying into the air as if by rocket.
I nearly needed a blindfold when it was my turn to fly: amazing!!!

This was my first Sunday spent doing Sunday things since well before we got married.
It was a miracle. It was Easter. I ate a Peep, my very first one ever.
I slept in.
As a result, my day today was full of vim and vigor, leather and silver galore.
Behold the silver pieces, finished at last from last week:
A gorgeous brown agate drusy ring in 6.5:

A stunning pair of operculums picked from our time in Kauai on Anini Beach with three generous strands of Arizona turquoise on handmade pins.

Being generous with your playtime can make your work ethic feel even more rewarded and ready to function.

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Vita said...

These earrings...... *sigh*
Just beautiful.