Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happiness Comes to Town

Today I am full of a gentle defeat ( surrender? ) inside.

I had a breakfast alone at my favorite little cafe.
It was sweet.
It was sad: I am solitary so much now.
The salve? My girlfriend Liane is in town with her little Seamus and they came over for a few hours today: heaven!

No cats were harmed in the taking of this picture: Jones was being handled with gentleness and love: his eyes are just walleyed, so he gets an odd look sometimes - like he's saying "Help me!"

Liane and Seamus. I love them to pieces.

Seamus calls me "Alooo". It melts my heart right down through the floorboards.
Liane also assured me that my house smells delightful, so I must be doing something right...


Dave said...

Absolutely precious... our Toby was always the patient one with the day care kids in the house. One would grab him and say, "He likes this when I do this..." You'll love to meet the two fat guys, and the lady might show up for 15 seconds.

btw... luv the hat.

susie said...

Looks like a wonderful day - what a cutie! Also love those new fancy pants rings. P.S. - Thank you for the comment on my blog, I have been working on a book for a while, and your comment was a much needed and appreciated!

Char said...

Adjusting is always so full of joy and sadness, both.