Wednesday, April 1, 2009

In Our House

Almost everything is out: this has been such an amazing series of hurry-up-and-waits: hurry to pack, wait to be moved, hurry to pack fragiles in the car, wait to drive...

I am so antsy to create: I had no idea how much of it I do until I couldn't anymore: most moments are spent somewhere in the creative process and now I have been able to focus on other things... it is both blissful and disconcerting: the familiar achingly joyful rollercoaster is not operating.

My internal amusement park is shut down. It's been two years since I have had a pause this pregnant and it's good to be reminded how deeply engrained making and dreaming is in my heart, mind and hands.

In two hours our house will be completely empty save for the dust bunnies and shards of things we need to wrangle into submission. For now I can hear the movers wrapping chairs and naming pieces and listing their numbers for safekeeping.

The space that was formerly our home is being made into a clean haven for two delightful women and their cat: I didn't mention? We got the best renters: it all worked out exactly as it should have. How could I have ever doubted?

Full becomes hollow
The expected becomes an adventure
Secret hopes are made real with a twist of fate.

Has there ever been a more interesting time than when we watch our path unfold before us?