Saturday, April 18, 2009

Nose Marks

This is just a smidge of the panorama I see in the evenings from my back porch.
From there we have the wildly sprouting bushes and the aged wooden stairs, the cobblestone walkway and the green of the grass.

Continuing in the circle of sight we have our lovely neighbor Francis's Granny Unit (attached to our house by one small wall) and then, the piece de resistance that takes up most of my view: the trellis with its sprawling rose bush.

Heaven help me, I am in love with this house.

It is simply magnificent.

If I could I would capture the sun as it streams into my studio between the hours of three and eight PM... it is just something to behold.

From the midst of my much needed refresh I bid you all a happy evening and love to boot!

1 comment:

Dave said...

I can hear the poetic writing is oozing out of those old boards. Here's what you should do, go to the library and read history books of the area, find a lost lover story, a heroic event, a noble wedding, a shifty lawyer, a suicide tied to a past lover, or a son killed in battle...

My guess all of those events happened and more in the new ground you are walking in... so let it find it's way into your heart and in your writing.

Peace... have a great Sunday.