Saturday, April 4, 2009


Hi!!!! I am just so excited to introduce you to my new (but built in 1918) house. This is she. When we arrived on the 2nd I discovered all the intricate gorgeous things inside of a Sears Craftsman. I re-discovered the joys of living in an old house (sloping floors, delicate cracks on the ceiling, creaks and aches and sweet history) - how sweet it is.
The one thing that keeps it grounded is the fact that (in spite of a professional steam cleaning) the carpet was ripe with cat urine around the front and back doors. Nature's Miracle to the rescue!! I have been dousing the carpet with it, and will steam clean again in a few days when everything is in its place. Boxes are becoming flattened and everything is finding its mooring.
We are moving in.

My Poppy sure helps things to move along: he is an excellent worker bee, even through his birthday yesterday. Don't worry, we fed him well and gave him tons of love which he deserves. My Pop has been there every single time I have had a major move in my adult life: his visit was randomly timed and then we found out we were moving: it felt like fate that he should come, too!

The view from our bedroom window... Wisteria clusters hanging off of the trellis-laden carport.

The view from my studio door onto the back porch... heaven. As I sit here writing this more kitty pee smells are assaulting my nose... time to stop writing and move on that. Jane and Jones are in the kitchen until I get the problem under control. 
It's really kind of delightfully funny: this issue is the only problem to bear in our move.
Petaluma is heavenly and our home is so lovely - pinch me!


::mari:: said...

Hello love! I was just thinking about you and hoping the move had gone smoothly ... so glad to hear all is well. Cheers & peace!

Stacey said...

Welcome to the neighborhood! :) Your new house is gorgeous, and I hope everything went as smoothly as possible!

Ann from Montana said...

It looks so sweet and perfect!

Re the pet didn't ask but here's my 2 or 3 cents...

If it is only near the doors, it might not be hard to pull up the carpet, remove the pad and replace the pad with new. The odor and entreaty for your cats may be easier to get rid of out of the carpet alone. Pad material is not so cleanable usually and often where the odor remains.

Have fun and your Poppy looks wonderful!

Cindy said...

Hi. I've been a lurker on your blog for a couple of months. I feel compelled to comment after this post. The Husband and I have moved 6 times in 15 years. Every time has been a glorious new beginning. Enjoy YOUR new beginning! And be thankful your Pop is with you to help. My Pop helped me on many moves, but is no longer with us. I miss him so much.

Katherine said...

Oh my goodness. You're not here anymore! Only you're still here. If you know what I mean. I miss you, but here you are!

(She's not in Guam, I repeat to myself...)

Elaine said...

I hope the dream continues (minus the kitty smell). Love the additional pictures of your porch and the wisteria!

Sunny Rising Leather said...

James: Oh, thank you dear friend!! I'll see you in a few months!!
Stacey: thank you - it's amazing up here :) P.S. how adorable are you in that picture???
Ann - I soaked Nature's Miracle (a truly miraculous product!) into the pad - I think we're on the right track :)
Cindy - Well thanks for writing here :) ! I am so glad to meet you:)
Katherine - dearest friend, indeed Guam is not my home. I am as close as your keyboard or phone!! I miss you, too.
Elaine, kitty smell is on its way out - thank you so much for your well-wishes :) Wisteria is new to me and reminds me of willow trees somehow!

Dave said...

You are going to love it... and we get to share all the new ventures... dang cool.


Aspen Wear said...

It looks like heaven! I love all the light in the house..and that front porch...and the view from your studio.... :) Looking forward to seeing some more of the loveliness of your new home. It is great to have you back.

susie said...

Welcome home.

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Dave - Ain't it cool? The high res pic is on its way to you soon!

Aspenwear: You are so lovely: it is sooo good to be back in so many ways :)

Susie: many many thanks to you :)

Angela said...

WOW! That is gorgeous. I love, love, love that bungalow style. I keep looking for something like that here but I don't know if we'll find it.

Congrats on the big move!

The Noisy Plume: said...

S: When may I visit?!?

Also, regarding the cat urine smell...if it really doesn't ever fade you will need to pull the carpet, toss the carpet pad and apply a primer to the floor boards (the only way to rid a home of cat pee odor). You might be able to get used to it, but I have a thing about cat smell:) It's one of the reasons we bought a house SO quickly here in Pokey -- the scent of our rental house was very overwhelming for me!


LOVES you.

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Angela - I hope you find one :) I'll know for you until you get it :)

Jillian of my Heart - unfortunately as renters we are unable to rip up the carpet but I seem to have gotten the smell down to a non-smell. Plus we're filling the place with such goodness and fresh food and linens and Mrs. Meyers cleaning products that I KNOW you'd approve :)

The house is officially fresh, and yes - please come visit during RW's absence ( or in his presence - I think it might be a good thing for you to take small trips while he's away to keep your brain nimble and your heart buoyed by those who support you ).