Thursday, April 30, 2009

Off to L.A.

I am off!! I will be bringing my computer, but goodness know I'll be busy: there will be so much I'll be excited to share with you.
When I return I'll be making some new and exciting original creations and I have decided to leave the custom lists closed until after my tour is over: too much stress.

My heart has been teaching me that it's not worth it to try and make everything every time without having a bit of a cost on the body: I get lots of signs to slow down and see life happening.

Wish me luck at The House of Blues: hopefully I'll have some wondrous tales of musical goodness for you! 

One of the things I am doing on my trip is singing at a Victim's Rights Luncheon tomorrow in Riverside: last year affected me more than I could ever say.
Singing "I will Remember You" surrounded by the faces and stories of the lost and all of their families... it's really important to honor the bravery inherent in moving on from tragedy.

Have an amazing Thursday and beyond!! :)



susie said...

Go make your joyful noise and have some fun. Wishing you safe travels.

Ann from Montana said...

Best, best wishes for good things for you and those that hear you.

FF said...

Good luck and have a wonderful time! I'm sure you will touch many people with your song in Riverside.

Good Girls Studio said...

hope you have lovely journey!