Wednesday, April 8, 2009

First Day of Work

Today is Schmilly's first day at his new job, and so it is my first day without him in six months.

At first it was so hard to get used to being in the same space every single day, especially since the circumstances were challenging: we learned completely different sides of each other in a way neither of us could have imagined. As of today it feels HUGE in here: 

where is my love?

I grew accustomed to his face, to his snuggles, to his amazing way of drawing us out of stress... his sense of humor is excellent.

I am making him dinner tonight and I have put together components for three rings, one of which is a custom order. In a few minutes I'll start tooling, which I am so excited about!!
It's back to work:  a line of continuity is re-strung for my life.

On a really cool note: I will be playing at the Los Angeles House of Blues May 1st, opening for a U2 tribute band, so I'll have to get my stadium rock tunes in order ;)

Tomorrow afternoon I will have an opal ring ( the opal is huge and very much an heirloom ) and red fossilized horn coral to share with you in the Metal Shop!!


Dave said...

Greet your man wearing nothing but a smile...


Hey... I've got to buy you a song I think you should consider covering... cooly erotic... Aphrodisiaholic
by Sometymes Why....

I love Ruth voice on her own song, but yours would knock it dead.

susie said...

Through all of the changes you have been through in the past months, it is so wonderful that you can still call your husband a friend. It sounds like you both have a lot to look forward to - what songs are you thinking of at House of Blues? Too cool. Take care and good luck falling into your new routine.

Katherine said...

I am soooooooo excited you're playing at the House of Blues! I will have to find a babysitter as Ben is going to be away that weekend, but all my fingers and toes are crossed that I'll be able to go.