Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Just a Peek!!!

Kabamba Ocean Jasper

Dendrite Mookaite and blue Chalcedony


Chrysoprase and vintage angelskin coral branch

(short note: I've resolved not to buy anymore new coral, so it was to my great thrill and amazement that an antique store in Petaluma had a strand from the 60s! I nabbed it, and this is one piece - incredible.)

All four necklaces are on their way into the Metal Shop with great joy and trembling hands: where will they go? To what incredible woman will each belong?



CrashingBison said...

LOVING everything, and in the previous post!!!! Amazing!

MrsLittleJeans said...

That ocean jasper is really kabamba, in fact they all are kabamba : ) xoxo

liz r. said...

You are killing me with that ocean jasper. Actually, with all of it.

emmy d said...

Oh goodness. Your description of the "So Far From Where We've Been" necklace made me cry. So moving.

dailycoyote said...

amazing ~ all of these new pieces (this post and the last) are gorgeous and amazing... MAJOR eye candy and heart candy.

DalaHorse said...

mouthwatering=Dendrite Mookaite and blue Chalcedony ♥

Belinda Saville said...

Oh my, these are divine Allison! I've just shared the Mookaite necklace on my Facebook page...LOVE it ♥ Your fern frond imprints take my breath away! And they instantly take me back to my childhood, when we would pluck fern fronds from our garden :-)

Thanks for the memories!


Sierra said...

This collection of beauties is truly amazing, unique, beautiful, and so YOU! (not that I know you personally, but in that "oh this is a Sunny piece for sure" kind of a way! LOVE!

Cat said...

these are gorgeous
absolutely stunning!!!!

love and light