Saturday, April 23, 2011

Ouroboros Clutch

The Ourboros is a symbol that dates back to Egypt, first referenced in the Book of the Netherworld:

it is illustrated as a snake eating its own tail, and its meaning is an explanation of cycles that begin as soon as they end.

The inspiration behind this clutch is a focus on birth and death both physical and psychological.

So many of my friends and family have been immersed in new beginnings, the seed of which lies in the quietus of a previous situation:

moving halfway across the country
finding kittens in the alley on the weekend before a beloved pet dies
resolving monetary debt and feeling grief where celebration was called for
death of a friend
new love
lost love
the acquisition of a new job

Though there is no serpent, if you replace the lovely little daisy in the above circle with the word "is", you have an endless chain - each death is a rebirth is a death is a rebirth.

I purposefully chose a piece of copper (with the imprint of an actual pressed fallen leaf) because it oxidizes so quickly, and can be polished and oxidized over and over again, a cycle
that illustrates the very words that surround it...

From the skull of a sea bird,
a seed of hope for an artist

From the depth of a winter emerges spring, which will fold again into cold
and so it goes
and so it goes...

and if we remove fear from the equation, we can look upon these mortal mysteries not consumed with dread should they happen to us,
but with a sense of wonder that they happen at all.

As I build this piece, I just wanted to share its origin and inspiration
with you.



Lorena sometimes ... said...

both the sentiment and the work stir emotions in my very bones ... so dark & light all at once!


mairedodd said...

this is a profound, simple, timeless message... and very necessary in its restating... life is a true balance, yin yang, bitter sweet - once one accepts this truth, life is no longer a struggle... but the experience it should be...

Sunny Rising Leather said...

thank you so much: I am so honored that you like it, even more that it moves you.

Marie - yes - that's the truth of it: lately I've been trying to not judge things as bad or good, not giving the programmed response the bulk of my attention: it's made the things I've long held as 'hard' or 'awful' less so, and the pleasures of life are more measured.

My 20-year-old self would think I'm insane, but I am enjoying this newness :)


WillowMetals said...

Such a profound message and such a beautiful clutch. You are the leather queen and my favorite story teller ;)

jaunebleu said...

Stunning and amazing with the deepest soul!

kerin rose said...

well, ms sunny....
your 20 year old self might find you insane, but your older and wiser self sounds like it is just moving more and more towards a yogini's construct of understanding things....:)

reconstructing sarah said...

Rebirth. I like the sound of that.

A beautiful piece. Truly.

Happy Easter, love!

DalaHorse said...

Beautiful message and clutch!