Monday, April 11, 2011

On My Mind

the cowboy boots that started it all for me some five years ago, I was lucky enough to snag a pair recently for far far less (I sold mine when Jessica Simpson wore them and their price skyrocketed - I had bought the original pair for 12 smackers!) thus, a feeling of homecoming!

THIS blog -
her recipes are foolproof, her observations delightful.

Your sweet hearts.

Here is the song I've had on repeat for a week -
indeed, let's unite.



Nialah said...

Sending you lots of love dear Allison from a rain soaked Melbourne.



DalaHorse said...

Nice exploration!

MrsLittleJeans said...

Good one Allison! I don't know the movie but now will rent it because I really like the actor, seen him in several other films. The perfume I recommend, I got an echantillon at the Guerlain counter and was proudly carrying a Guerlain perfume in my purse. The cowboy boots are so you, especially that flower on the side. The cooking looks lovely but that is not going to happen...The music reminds me of the Bjork days...was it mid 90s? I hope they all come to you. xoxo

Cat said...

I'm making that brilliant bacon & leek pasta again this week. With peas this time. How I wish I could pinch this country together in the middle so we could be a tad closer! Wish I had thought to pull out the peaches in the freezer to make a gallette as well!