Friday, April 22, 2011


Hacked email account

burned and melted everything I touched today

My computer keeps shutting down unprovoked

My sister and her husband said a hard and heartbreaking goodbye to their lovely old lady cat Azreal last night....

I think it's Miller time.



MrsLittleJeans said...

Ah so sad...and I agree that it must be miller time for you. Happy Easter Allison! xoxoxo

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Happy Easter, dearest Mona!! Hug your boys tight for me!

liz r. said...

I'm sorry for the troubles, and especially for the lost kitty.

CrashingBison said...

Hugs to you, lady..

A Serenade for Solitude said...

I feel. I feel. Tonight it's a lemondrop...or a few. ;)

Have a great weekend.


Puck's Mom said...

So sorry about Azreal. Your sister must be a Joe Grey mystery fan :)

It's so hard to say goodbye to our furbabies. I lost my little girl last October and my heart still aches...

Definately time for a drink, and a toast to kitties everywhere.

glass *clink*

reconstructing sarah said...

Love, it'll get better. Thinking of you!

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Oh, my girls, you are heavenly.

Instead of beer, I went to candlelight yoga: you light a candle and have a full class with a tea light at the front of your mat in the darkened studio...

it was religious.

And now, a gin and juice - thank you for your amazing words - the other things beside my sister are petty and small - I just want to hug her.


tmbarclay said...

I always love your posts......their are succinct, yet profound.........My brother's cat died a few months ago and she was 18 years old. He literally couldn't speak of her or he would reveal emotions that 56 year old men don't like to reveal. My mother met his new cat last night. She is a rescue cat and my brother and his family couldn't be happier. Those little joys highlight the best of life and humanity, and somehow diminish the worst. I wish for your sister solace in the pain.....On a similar note, you've had quite a year (i.e., a move, a car accident, and now email and credit card hacking). Only you could be so graceful and optimistic!!!! I'm always in awe........xoxo