Sunday, April 3, 2011

What a Day Away Can Do....

Somewhere between the ocean,
the journaling (which I so infrequently do)
the warm glances of the man I married
and the comfort of a King sized featherbed

I shed some angst.

Maybe it got carried away in the mouth of an attentive gull

or perhaps it slipped out through the open window as I read articles on couture and

ferried away with the surf two stories down from our warm fire-lit room...

but I know in whichever direction it went, it will serve its purpose and I bid it adieu
fondly and with respect.

I am lighter, well-held and ready for the wonderful guests I will welcome tomorrow evening at our city manse.

Creatively, the time spent doing little or nothing (save being) made me feel like there is so much room for movement now.

I can feel the tendrils of some new ideas beginning to wrap gently around the heart and hands, and I know that they involve leather.

Have you ever felt on the cusp of self-acceptance, on the very edge of living with little judgment? I can see the road from here, and it's fine.

I hope your weekend was incredible and refilled everything empty, and I hope you tell me all about it.



DalaHorse said...

Seagulls, surf, featherbeds, pair bonds.....excellent soul therapy!

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Sue: ah, it was it was!!! :) I hope you had some similar lightening activities :) xoxoxox

mairedodd said...

so very happy you had such a meaning-filled and releasing/fulfilling weekend... enjoy the leather working, will be watching for the manifestations...

Elaine said...

beautiful photos!! lately the park has been our day's end activity. there's something about dusk at the park that is just what we need.

Laurie said...

gorgeous gorgeous photos!

there is so much soul in your words it is as if i am not reading, but hearing them ~ in flawless harmony with the breaking of the waves and the call of the gull ...

and YOU, outshine them all!!!

kate reymann said...

That picture of the ocean is so lovely!

Anonymous said...

After a weekend away to the ocean last week I realized that I am re-baptized every time I am with Her.
Washed, re-birth, is a good thing

beautiful shots Allison
i felt like i was there
: )

love and light