Sunday, April 24, 2011

An Offering

These are the elusive Capezio Butterfly boots in a size 8.5:
very very rare, hard to find boots!

The pair I have are just incredible: the cream colored leather has been worn to an almost tan patina: whoever had these wore them often and well -
not so much...

Though they've got years left in their soles and an open field in their soul,
I quite favor my brindle amber pair: the color suits my spirit
and these are incredible, but we don't match.

I know there is a woman out there to whom these belong, and I wanted to offer them up to my readership before I offered them up to the greater world.

They will be going for right around 200 USD, and if they are yours all yours, please send me a convo in the Leather Shop -

First come, first adorned!

Sweet dreams, ladies (and angels on your pillows),

1 comment:

Tasha Imajin said...

Oh shucks! Me and my tiny feet. I've had to pass up beautiful shoes before since my size 7 feet didn't fit. I guess I should remember that I've found some perfect shoes in my size as well. I'd be all over those boots if they fit me.