Thursday, April 28, 2011

My dear Khobe and Ian

You shining pair of hearts....
(would you look at that luminous boy?)

with your golden humor, irreverent and saucy wit (thank God I am not alone in that):

I miss you so much, and you've only just left...
bewitched!!!!! I am bewitched.

Please come back soon: Tartine, Los Gatos
and my home await your feet impatiently!

I will never forget our trip to the leather warehouse:
30 foot walls lined with nothing but rolled hides in every color of the rainbow and then some...

I have seven new colors of suede with which to line,
and that's making me giddy with possibility and raring to get into the studio today.

I want to sit with the pigskin suede in sunshine yellow, deep mauve, teal, lavender, blushing nude, beige and cobalt blue and dream of what they will line.

Thank you for that trip: and thank you for the gentle reminder that someday I need someone to come and do the more physical repetitive tasks: riveting, sewing, cutting...

You've left me full, which is the ultimate feeling to have after visitors,
but with that fullness comes the wish that you lived closer!

Last weekend I did a bit of praying for contact with my friends, and here I was, blessed with a pair of aces
and on Sunday, I drive up the coast to spend a few quality days with a very special dove:

Pinch me, I must be dreaming!



MrsLittleJeans said...

leather and dove = dream xoxo

UmberDove said...

oh Oh OH! I am ACHINGLY covetous of that leather warehouse. Promise you'll take me one day! I NEED more COLOR. OUPH!

I can't wait to hug your face.

Cat said...

Dang-ity-darn!! That warehouse is amazing looking, I need to get working so I can justify the trip up to my leather heaven too! Wish you were closer to the East coast- have a lovely weekend!

studio.delucca said...

ADORE you, heart and soul...

thanks for sharing with us from your deep well of goodness. xo