Friday, April 29, 2011

Maidenhair Fern Jewelry

Here in the fading light of this lovely day, I sit taking pictures of a maidenhair fern twiglet on my thumb:
the evening work I love most, the taking of the pictures.

The sun is best for details at this golden time,
to borrow of a great lyric, it is my "favorite time of light" indeed. (Katherine, someday I will cover that song for you, with great happiness!)

The fern fronds you see are from one of my two maidenhair plants, studio companions and quite frankly the most persnickety of all the plants I have.

They even get filtered water...
Mmm hmm!

In exchange, I get to snip a few drying fronds every now and then and make art with them - a rather wonderful trade!

Holding Bowl Ring with light blue stone

Even with this perfect luminous evening light, the imprint of the maidenhair fern is so hard to pick up:
when it gets oxidized and finished, rest assured they will beyond pop:

they will sing.

As I pulled them from the mill one by one, I smiled such a happy smile:
this is the sweetest imprint, the fern-y kind.
They remind me always of good friendship
and the strength that can be found in fragility...

paper-thin powerhouses, ferns.

By late tomorrow I'll be able to show you what they look like finished, and I'll also be able to let you know when they'll be in the shop (likely Wednesday)

May you have the most delicious of Friday nights!

OH - and speaking of delicious:

you know how much I've been loving the copper of late:
WELL - I learned a way to polish it that is so cost effective and -

or however you spell it!!!:

take a dab of the miracle condiment and rub it on the copper piece in question with your finger or a clean towel corner, rinse when the fresh glow of copper comes back, and then dry on a clean linen!

It works in a way that can only be described as brilliant!!



reconstructing sarah said...


Amy Nicole said...

I'd read about catsup cleaning copper and wondered if it worked...and now I do! Thanks for sharing the tip. Your work with the rolling mill and leaves is fabulous.....I can't wait to see the ferns oxidized! :)

Katherine said...


and pretty please!!!

Sierra said...

HOT tip! What a crazy thing for a condiment to do...I love it! Thanks for sharing, and I cannot wait to see what these babies look like when they are finished, I LOVE this new work you are doing with copper, its beautiful!

Jaime/Bella-Bijou Jewellery said...

Gorgeous Allison - as always! I have been spending my weekend at my parents cabin collecting bits and blossoms for rolling :-)

Also, I heard about ketchup, but always wondering about copper that had been LOS'd - any word on if it removes the patina?