Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Big Island

In November, Anthony and I are having our 'last-hurrah' trip to
The Big Island, Hawaii -
the rental cottages are all booked, including a stay at a farm
where guests are encouraged to feed the pet pig their table scraps -

The plane tickets have been procured
and very few details remain to be handled.
Anthony will finally get to see the volcano he's been hankering for
and I get to snorkel again
with wild abandon!


Speaking of volcanos,

A beautiful representation of one
crafted from copper, sterling, fine silver and opal
will be in the Metal Shop in a few days

and it SHINES with good health!

A generously sized reminder of the wonders that bubble beneath the surface
of our earth
and our own skin...

And with Hawaii on the brain, I created another seed pod casing ring
using a perfectly perfect chunk of parrot wing jasper
with a little river of chrysocolla and an oasis of malachite.

Both the band and the canvas of the ring were heavily hammer-formed
and they are so rich in texture that it's hard not to
pet them

The ring is a size 10.5 with a medium-thick band.

For both of these pieces, I will be accepting reserves:
just simply


in the Metal Shop
and the details can be arranged!

As for the creature series
WOW - those responses were amazing
and the animal has been settled upon-

it will have to be a surprise,
and the trio will be revealed
on Friday morning in the Metal Shop
with a preview of the finished work sometime on Wednesday -

I hope your weekend was amazing
and that you are surrounded by friends and loved ones on this
day of remembrance.



WillowMetals said...

Beautiful work, I love your volcano pieces :) The pod ring is beautiful too, so much texture.

So excited for you and your trip! November wil be here before you know it. Some of us will be seeing snow and you'll be snorkeling! I am jealous, but I mean that in the best way possible ;) Ah, not jealous, actually super happy for you! You deserve it!


Sunny Rising Leather said...

Heather!! :)

No worries, I'll come back to an entire season of grey skies and rain: San Jose fancies itself to be Seattle in the winter ;) xoxoxo

Marcie Abney said...

I'll be back on Wednesday...crossing my fingers for a little owl with quartzish eyes! ;)

Nialah said...

Gorgeous pieces. Hope you and the hubby have a great and well deserved rest.

Sending you so much love.



Lynsey Phelps - VerreEncore said...

love the open vessel necklace. truly beautiful!

and your trip sounds like a dream! you two (errr... three!) will have a splendid time :)

Sierra Keylin Jewelry said...

Three cheers for a Hawaiian getaway!!! I love this idea of a last hurrah with the hubby, and what a perfect place to do it! The volcano necklace is AMAZING!! It so accuratley represents the spirit of the volcano...she'd be perfect around my neck out here in Hawaii!!! Aloha sunny!

PS. Im sure you've got tons planned but if you need any tips on places to go while you're there lemme know!

Cat said...


what a great get away for you both....before your lives get turned upside down! lol
but of course it will be in the most wonderful of ways

your work is stunning as always
i feel the life in them....

love and light

MrsLittleJeans said...

Hawaii....enjoy enjoy...your futures trips will have a baby in them attached to cute would that be xoxo

Runs4fun said...

"feed the pet pig'...(happy snort for the to-be-happy pigsnort)! a friend of mine raised pigs and one year we all went for a big dinner, and everyone had a chance to 'catch' a pig. whatever they 'caught' was to be theirs...for ummm...eating purposes later. i was the only one who didn't 'name' mine...for i knew i mightn't be able to 'eat' some wee soul i had named. ha! those who named their cute names---did, indeed, have a time...when 'the time' came...especially as one couple named theirs 'Noel'...and the 'time' was Christmas;) makes me giggle to think about...poor wee piggies! hope this wee pig-tail-tale doesn't make your tummy go 'whoooooppppssseee'. this too shall pass. sending love.xoxo