Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Friday Preview

Creature and Flora






Friday at 4:00 PM PST



Nialah said...

Adorable and amazing creations - makes note in calender about shop update...flexes buying finger...

Sending you lots of love



Sunny Rising Leather said...

You are too cute, my M!! xoxoxo

bon*bon said...

Wow! Gorgeous new necklaces! love.love.

bon*bon said...

p.s. is the ring chrysoprase?

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Bon*bon - it so is!!! The sun kept going away so I got inconsistent lighting: these will not be the pics used in the listings ;)
The color of the stone is a perfect mint green. Utterly perfect.

UmberDove said...

Oh lady. I'm glad we got off the phone when we did so you could BIRTH SOME MOTHER-LOVING MAGIC UP IN THERE.

They are divine.

Marcie Abney said...

The owl!! You made the owl! He's gorgeous! (Is that a quartz body? I think the only thing better than having quartz eyes would be a quartz body.) I think he's awesome. You're truly such an inspiration. I just started metalsmithing this summer and you're giving me something to shoot for.
Beautiful. Just Beautiful. ;)

Anonymous said...


Sunny Rising Leather said...

Umber: I am a big fan of your life, lady. Oh, and tell Sancho he better be ready for our DATE!!! ;)

Marcie: the body is actually sagenite in chalcedony, which in this case is perfectly opaque, not quite clear as quartz can be. Have fun learning the metal ropes!! :)

Gabby, thank you!! :)

Brittany said...

Sunny, I must have the fox. If you do reserves, I would greatly appreciate it. I am swooning so badly. <3

Cat said...

well well well
look at you
creating beauty like no bodies business!

the trio...wow

this new life inside you does you well Sunny Allison!

love and light

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Dear Brittany,

none of the creatures will be up for reserve, but I can tell you they will be listed at 4 pm pacific time on Friday - good luck!! Xox

cat- ooohhhh, I squueze you! Look out for the baby belly! :) xo

nova by tess said...

They are all amazing but that fox is just melting my heart. What a darling!

MrsLittleJeans said...

cute cute...lovely creations...love that ring....xxx

resolute twig said...

AMAZING. I love the animals. That fox is screaming my name xo

Lisa at lil fish studios said...

Oooh that ring! And those earrings! Beautiful work as always.