Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Bubble Bubble

So, I felt the little baby move last night:
I was about to fall asleep and there it was: this tiny tickle to the left of my belly button
and I called out for Anthony to come and feel it!

Of course, he couldn't feel it - this is just for mama and child right now
but pretty soon he will!

I was trying to come up with the right words to describe what it feels like:
goldfish fins
cat paws (with retracted claws, of course)

and this afternoon I was walking past Schmilly's study
when I had a(n)? eureka(!) moment!!

Finger in the air, I said, "Anthony! (he's home from work on vacation)!! I think I've found the perfect illustration for this wonderful feeling:

It's like the tiniest gnome in the world passing gas!!!"

He smiled and buried his head in his hands, a bow of sorts...I think so, anyways.

So there you have it folks, magical words for an indescribable moment!



WillowMetals said...

Bahahahahaha!!! I think that was the best description that I have ever heard!

Jaime/Bella-Bijou Jewellery said...

I long for the day I can feel that perfect moment Allisunny - how wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Hee hee hee. You have to write that one down in the baby book.

Cat said...

thats funny
I used to think of it as butterfly wings...but hey a gnome passing gas works too!!! lol

love and light

jordan said...

yup, definitely feels like gnome farts ;) you're hilarious!! it only gets more exciting, soon you'll be able to feel actual body parts sometimes - for me i could always feel Evvy's head under my right ribcage since he was breech. strange sensation to be able to grasp your unborn child's head through your abdominal wall. every once in awhile i get a feeling that feels just like a baby moving...but then i realise it's just gas ;)
thinking of you

Anonymous said...

I've heard it described as a butterfly kiss on the inside of your belly.

I like your description better though!


Heidi said...

hahahhahaa i love it!!!

Gemheaven said...

lmao!!! I remember feeling my Elli move and thinking it was like butterfly wings fluttering inside of me!!

mairedodd said...

the most magical feeling... i adored that... i too always thought of butterfly flutterings - but hey, it's your body and baby - you call it whatever you like! enjoy this - even after i was holding my newborn babies, i remember missing them being inside of me...

Tasha Imajin said...

Oh, that made me squeal! Isn't it wonderful?! I think it feels like a muscle twitch now that the movement is getting stronger. I am just starting to feel the movement on the outside with my hand if I press it against my little bump. I think my husband would be able to feel it by now if the baby didn't always stop moving right when he tries to feel. Soon though! (I feel mine one the left too. It's always on the left.)

Lynsey Phelps - VerreEncore said...

lol, i love your description :)

what a magical moment. xo

bonddi said...

Isn't that the most incredible feeling ever? I laughed so hard at your description because my first pregnancy I was sure what I was feeling was just gas twinges:) Now just you wait for the gymnastics and kicking your ribs while simultaneously sitting on your tailbone. Just remember, it is only temporary, especially in week 37 when you will be chewing nails.

thewindhover said...

hehe, its a wondrous feeling isn't it! I felt those curious bubbles and then it seemed, day by day they got stronger (And still do)... I fall asleep now and feel the little one wriggling around, kicking and and can-can dancing from time to time. It feels a bit like a secret language of ours...

nova by tess said...

That is hilarious! Thank you for the smile :)