Saturday, September 3, 2011

Working Through It

There have been daily bouts of nausea that have sent me reeling this week-
I thought the worst would be over by now, but it would seem
that there is a storm before the calm.

For nearly six weeks I've put things on hold, lamented, and ached for the day that any food at all would appeal to me.

I've learned that potatoes and noodles seem to be what's best: carbohydrates that fill me up for long enough to get some relief, that let me sleep through the night.

I've worked some, I've slept lots, I've watched so very many movies on Netflix
and yet I've resisted somehow; resisted what simply IS.

Somehow in the last few days a gorgeous surrender has fallen over my body and mind
like a warm wave, allowing me to be in this experience
with no rush to leave, no matter what the discomfort

Even more so than when I feel grrrrrreat(!!!), my work of late has been a rich sort of prayer I get to breathe through.
Focusing on the filing, sawing, fitting hammering and cutting
of both leather and metals
has been a very solid saving grace.

Singing along with Kenny Chesney and George Strait on the radio
has afforded me the ability to breathe deeper,
relieving me a bit of this choppy sea.

I heed the warnings that it's time to stop, to slow down and read
or sleep or call my Mom

Seeing an encouraging bit of a bump on my belly also tells me that the tremendous work I am doing inside is also progressing: what a feeling.

This guy certainly helps, too ;)



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SpiralStone said...

“Surrender” is the perfect word for pregnancy, birth and mothering, I often have to remind myself to stop thinking and doing and just surrender :). I had morning sickness for 20 weeks with both my pregnancies … I hope it eases for you soon. xx

Belinda Saville said...

Dear Allison, it is such a pleasure to watch this wonderful journey you are embarking upon...never has there been a mumma-to-be who has bore the highs and lows with such open arms and acceptance!

Trust that the morning (all day?) sickness will be but a distant memory when you hold that precious babe in your arms :-)

With much love,