Friday, September 30, 2011

A Week For Tooling

This week I have been all about the hammer:
I have nearly tooled to completion
one aforementioned Magnolia and Bee clutch
and a half belt with two Bluebirds of Happiness
flanking a minty chrysoprase cabochon
which will be stitched into the leather
and backed with suede and a little scalloped
patch that says "It is well with my soul"

I love tooling
I love leather
I adore music
and metal
and rocks
I've found lately I have a lot more patience with the seasons of each discipline:
the lapidary wheels have been silent for a long while
the keyboard plays more show tunes than my own compositions
but I know I will return to them all
in good time:

I suppose I am realizing, thank goodness, that there is only so much of me to
go around and not everything can be doted on with equal attention.

This week leather got the brass ring!
If you're interested in the half belt, shoot me a

and I'll tell you all about it!

Lastly, I am offloading a few pairs of gorgeous vintage shoes
in order to simplify my closet and my life
and I had to admit to myself
that the good Lord gorgeous shantung silk heels in the above picture are just a
leeeeetle too snug for my feet:
they're marked 8 B, and I fear I have officially crossed over into 8.5 territory.
I have the measurements in the listing - I would go so far as to say they would fit a 7.5 as well.

they reside

Snap them up if you feel the 80s rainbow love!



Cat said...

those shoes are flippen' awesome!!!

glad to see you are okay with limiting yourself....this is a time to be and not me that will come! lol

was thinking about you this week and wondering how the sickness is going.

love and light

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Cat -!!!

I've been reading the wonderful book I won in your contest: it is lovely so far :)

Still sick as a puppy, but couldn't be more full of wonder, so it balances out :)

Sending tons of affection your way!


UmberDove said...

my feet are so full of rainbows, they've long ago pressed past the size 8 marker.

But in real comments: LADY. You have been an explosion of work and art lately! Let's get together soon and smack some hammers around, ok?

Lisa at lil fish studios said...

I fell in love with your leather work a few years ago. It was the koi that put me over the edge. I thought "this is someone who has somethin' special". And wowza, do you ever. If you can work this kind of magic with leather and metal and song, I can only imagine how cool your little one is going to be. :)

Sybil Ann said...

OH goooody - more leather. Mmmmm.