Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Endless Summer Clutch


Magnolia blossoms and buds,
and scalloped edges:

I refuse to give up on the soul of summer, no matter what the
sycamore leaves underfoot are crunching at me!

Perhaps summer is a state of mind
I am lucky enough to keep far into October
given that this is California and the weather is fine

but I had to make one more exuberant flowered clutch
before the wet chill descends...

Despite my long sigh to see the blooms sag and let go
and the trepidation with which I think of leafless trees,
I am over-excited for fall this year!
Autumn in The Bay Area means the triumphant return of my
oversized goldfish umbrella and long drippy walks contemplating which library book I'll
take out next or what to put through the Cavallin

I will very happily reserve the clutch for an interested party
with a simple convo about timing and pricing.

The woman to whom it belongs will have the joy of picking out the color of the lining suede
and choosing what word or words will be on the back of the piece,
a completely personalized work
and the closest thing to a classic custom order that I have to offer
in my current phase of life.

Should it not become a reserved clutch, I will make it as I see fit
and list it near the end of September.

Off to nap,

1 comment:

WillowMetals said...

Oh, so gorgeous! I can only imagine how amazing this will be in it's final form. Watching your leather work unfold from it's birth into a masterpiece is quite magical :) The lady that snagged this beauty up is a lucky lady for sure :)