Monday, September 19, 2011


Schmilly is back from his three day trip to see the parents
and he came bearing gifts
of the knitted variety:

Oh. MY!!!!

My heart melted into a caramel puddle when I unwrapped the
golden paper and saw these soft, beautiful booties...

I just cannot express the tenderness I feel knowing that my
creative mother-in-love knitted these for us.

I imagine her sitting under lamplight
smiling to herself as she pictured the wee baby feet
these would someday cradle.

She's extra beautiful when she smiles.

Continuing the family love, Anthony's Grandma sent the 'ten commandments of parenting"
along with her own addition in a letter I devoured. She wrote:

"Don't try to raise a petunia if you plant an onion seed. Let your children be who they are and celebrate your differences."

Wise words, Grandma.

The mailbox has been a joyful place to visit daily, with little bundles and onesies and
letters and bees...
A knitted hat arrived from a much-loved friend in the northeast
and I want to frame it, I treasure it so.
Yes, it is full of heart!!

When I put the cap up against my belly, it's hard to imagine that (God willing) the wee
little girl or boy will someday grow big enough to fit it,
but that's the miracle of life, isn't it?



Katherine said...

Oh, look at you! You're beautiful. I think about you *3* all the time. Love.

Anonymous said...

Look at that lovely round tummy!

Collecting little knitted things is such a fun part of pregnancy; little hand-knitted works of art and love.

Nialah said...

Hello beautiful mama to be. Sending you so much love



Nancy*McKay said...

looooking gooood...!!!

Alice Istanbul said...

Aw, I can't believe the size of your bump already! Such a beautiful thing to see.

I love Grandma's words of wisdom. So, so true.

Love to you guys. What an exciting time.

Cat said...

life is a miracle


love and light

thewindhover said...

there is something quite enchanting about little wearables! just yesterday a package arrived from my mum with little second hand clothes/blanket treasures - and they all seemed so impossibly small!

Your tummy is looking positively delicious.

Sending happy thoughts and wishes your way xx

kerin rose said...

look. look, look at you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mari said...

Your tiny belly is my delight. SO happy for you, and what a lovely letter from your grandmother. I completely agree with her and know you and Anthony will do a beautiful job of raising your wee one. xo

MrsLittleJeans said...

Look at you, you even have a bump... : )

tattooedblogger said...

BEAUTIFUL......Everything is such beauty!

Tasha Imajin said...

Oh! How wonderful is that bump!! My neighbor gave me a set of receiving blankets yesterday and the grandparents-to-be sent some newborn sized moccasins. It all makes me swoon to imagine the tiny body that's going to be inside those clothes and blankets. What a blessing that you have wise and crafty women to help guide your way with new mamahood.

gallerydarrow said...

It's all so exciting we just can't wait. My yoga teacher taught up til her last week, she was beautiful just like you.


Runs4fun said...

ohhhh my! how very beautiful.

everything's coming up baby! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Hacía tiempo que no visitaba tu blog para ver las obras de arte que realizas... Y hoy me encuentro con esta grata sorpresa. Estás realizando tu mejor joya, vas a ser mamá. Disfruta de la espera, de las molestias ni te acordarás cuando veas la cara de tu bebé. Un cariñoso abrazo.