Wednesday, September 3, 2008


This is the face of joy right now, complete with fresh clean wet hair and time to reflect on an amazing feat, though not amazing to some:
I finally took bootcamp this morning.

You see, I have been working at a Pilates/yoga/bootcamp/dance fusion studio for nearly ten months: I work Monday thru Thursday from 5 PM to 8PM. It's my link to the world: without the studio I would go through my days lonely. The women who are involved in the classes and the women who teach them are inspiring and good in every way a woman can be, and they have become such dear friends of mine.
I have learned that a job ( however small ) can be a joy if you find the little doorway we so often miss on our way to dissatisfaction. I have ample opportunity to take Pilates classes and I take all the chances I can get, yes I do!! Bootcamp, however, has been this far away dream as I am not a runner and I don't like sweating very much -- but after all these chances untaken I just had to try this morning.
It was awful: we ran forever and did abs for five minutes straight and lunges all the way down the street. I sweated in places I didn't know had glands!! My face was tomato red even for an hour afterwards!!!
Will I be back on Friday morning? You bet your sweet buns I will!!! And my buns will be incredibly sweet for doing so!

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