Sunday, September 14, 2008

My Love Affair

It began two days ago when I spied this listing on eBay, having been realizing of late that some of my purses and lighter leather products are so painful to punch and stitch -- the leather sewing machine on the Tandy website is thousands of dollars -- and my left thumb is really really angry at me for using it as a stitching pony half the time------
I am rambling.
I am so excited.
This is going to be my new sewing machine, made in the 1930s, with a brand new motor, able to stitch through 4 layers of garment leather and leap tall buildings in a single bound --

My ( or soon to be ) Singer 201-2, well thought of and rather coveted among the sewing set. I cannot imagine what I will make with this machine, after I practice: thank goodness I save my scrap leather as I will certainly need it!

Later today ( I would say tomorrow but it's 12:30 AM ) I will be listing the bag to end all bags. Convertible. Sunshine-y. Holy moley!!!!!

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Angela said...

I think I have machine envy. What a gorgeous piece to get to work on!