Friday, September 12, 2008


Receiving my package from Sue yesterday was a miracle. Receiving this amazing pencil holder that I ordered from --

amazing! What's in the mail tomorrow, a cloud complete with a real live singing angel perched on it?
Yikes, I feel lucky.
It is overcast here in Los Angeles today. I bought cupcakes for Anthony and I (dessert!) and hand-washed my car ( my favorite way of doing it ) and I am about to make an amazing-sounding sweet potato and chicken stew in the slow cooker while I make my bee necklaces and begin the final phase of a luscious bag that will be in the leather shop tomorrow or Sunday. I am also brushing up on my reading.

I have much to learn ;)
I am wishing you all the coziest Friday.


Angela said...

Ahahha, I love the caption on that book there.

And I've decided to cave for my cravings for flesh and eat a bit of chicken during my pregnancy (and steak, and Wendy's Jr Bacon Cheeseburgers . . .). If you have a source for that recipe, I would love to have it!

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Voila, dear Angela!