Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Custom Emotion

I don't know about my other creative ladies out there, but every once in a while I get a custom order that makes me very emotional: like this one - I cried when I finished the moon. Sometimes I feel like inside of each koi is something dying to be partnered, a little loneliness that the central stone or silver charm helps allay with its presence: and here is the moon, the loneliest thing in the sky, so solitary and serene - that they are together entwined in sterling chain just made me misty.
Like something was made right.


liz r. said...

That koi is a particularly lovely blend of colors. It's nice to think that he/she now has an eternal partner.

auryane said...

I love the fact that each koi has a partner, and it always seems to be well-matched with its partner (and the time that you put into choosing an appropriate chain also shows). *grins* I wouldn't say that they're lonely, though. They're so striking that they always draw the eye.

(btw, I own two from you: a bright orange one with a silver flower, and a white-tipped black with a piece of turquoise).