Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Thoughts on Creativity

This has been quite a year for me: getting married, learning how to help my own self-created business thrive, reaching out to those I admire online in moments of bravery, getting into Pilates and transforming my muscles, falling in and out of rather formidable sadness and then being caught while falling by what feels like the palm of the Creator...
Yes, it's been quite a year.
Last night I had a night.
One of those nights.
And I prayed and it was answered in the most unquestionable way. Here is my giant realization that has made this day feel full of wonderment:

When I am grateful to a friend or family member I find myself making them something: I cannot help it, I feel compelled!
When I am grateful to The Powers That Be I say my thanks and leave it at that.
What if instead all of my creativity was my gift of gratitude? What if my conscious and joyful breathing was a kiss on the Divine cheek for answered prayers or simply the blessing of being allowed to experience the ache and bliss of this earthly life?
I feel strongly about this: I have had my creative bursts where I can conquer the world and create anything, but with the business side of running a business, sometimes that gets lost.

Since I am creatively a little slow right now I am going to simply let it rest and stop trying desperately to think of new and exciting things to try.
Instead I am going to make that Koi Pond Painting that's been in my mind for some months.
I am going to kiss my fiance artfully.
I am going to use the stones I have purchased to make luscious things for the shop AND something wonderful for myself because I must thank myself, too.
For being brave.
For trying.
For showing up every day as we all do.
Don't you deserve something amazing today? Try breathing as an exercise in grateful love to whomever or whatever: I think you'll find your bounty ever-increasing with every cleansing and refreshing inhalation.


Good Girls Studio said...

That was beautiful & honest & powerful. Thank you for sharing.

Angela said...

Thank you for posting this.

I am definitely feeling creatively stuck as well, and since deciding to pursue Paper Menagerie half time, have felt a lot of pressure to come up with "the best."

It's so nice to see how others feel the same pressures, and how they deal.

Anonymous said...

Well said, thank you.

The Noisy Plume: said...

A: I'm feeling this same vibe currently and I'm glad to know I'm not alone!