Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Things once Useful

Are Useful again.

When we first moved into our condo on the busy busy boulevard I thought surely nothing ever lives here that is wild, surely everything has been beaten back by the noise of the cars and people and the crisp thromming R&B that whistles from passing SUVs, but there was a tiny bird building a nest in the tree outside our front door, and hummingbirds feeding in the giant sappy birds of paradise that we look out on, as though in a dense tropical forest and not an urban thoroughfare.

Every day I went out and saw the nest and the vigilant bird sitting on her three blue eggs, looking so close to being hatched... days passed without event and one morning I went down to find the nest barren and ripped on one side.

Eggless. Motherless.
Knowing that something sad had transpired I saved the nest I had watched with such happy expectation and tucked it into a lightless corner of my shelf.

Today I took it out and placed in it my newest reminder necklace and it fit, delicate and so strong, just like the message, "Be Still". What once housed the promise of life now held the fruits of my labor and I felt somehow less lonely knowing that what was built to protect is still with me, wrapping around something still tender as I fumble through the creative life.

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