Friday, September 26, 2008

Something For Everyone

I have to share something I have been doing with you, as it is making a rather massive difference in my life: I have been meditating. 15 minutes in the morning and 15 in the late evening, preferably right before bedtime.
It's not easy to quiet my mind, but in those moments when I can it is just so still and silent that even breathing feels magical.
I was having a really hard time with the stresses of running a business and working on the wedding in an administrative capacity, aside from the everyday challenges of learning and growing.
My reserves were empty, I was grinding my teeth at night and waking up with neck stiffness: my emotions were so close to the surface and fragile that I couldn't even watch Ratatouille, that Pixar film about a Rat who longs to cook - the chase scenes were jarring, the stress of his potential discovery under that guy's hat too taxing on my poor little overblown senses....
So I decided to start meditating, remembering how good it felt on my senior year of college when I became similarly overwhelmed.
Here are the pros:
I am more objective about difficult situations.
Patience is HUGE now - with downed computers at the USPS yesterday I stood in line with an honestly serene heart while a few others did that loud sighing thing that signifies grrrreat displeasure.
When I cry it feels like a rainstorm: like something is getting cleared out that needed to be, and like what's left behind has been given a chance to grow stronger FOR having cried.
I feel grateful a whole lot.
My heart palpitations are lessened greatly ( I get that monitor thingee next Thursday: cannot wait to post pictures! )
Overall quality of life is improved.
Serendipitous little things keep happening over and over again, I am much more psychic, testing myself even to see what lanes cars will go to, when they will turn left or right and being correct so much of the time it's almost scary.


So there you have it. Meditating for non-mystical purposes has changed my life. I sincerely hope I can keep this up regularly as a habit for life: given what I listed for you above it seems like it would be a tragedy to lose those benefits by lack of stck-to-it-ness.

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