Thursday, July 9, 2009

Belt Bag Bonanza Tonight

So I made a little 5X5 inch belt bag a few weeks ago and the response was very big: the bag had sold very quickly and convos began coming in about when the next ones would be available.
There are two that I will be listing at 6:00 PM Pacific Time tonight - behold!!

One Happy Apple Blossom Belt Bag and one Grape Leaves and Tendrils belt bag.
The Grape Leaves B.B. will be a bit more expensive due to the amazing amount of tooling it requires.

I will not be holding them for anyone, so just have your cart ready and I hope that one of them belongs to you!!

Just a note on their coloring: when it comes to a piece like this I want it to be beautiful and noticeable on close inspection by dear friends, but because you'll likely have your cash and your most essential goodies in there, I'd rather not have it be neon yellow, so these will be made in mostly neutral shades.


miznyc said...

they are adorable Allisunny! No wonder the first sold so quickly!

Two Bees said...

Oh, yeah!

crystals4eternity said...

Gorgeous tooling!!

angie said...

omg, i can't believe these are (were, mine! muahahahah!!!!) still there! i was a little upset because i knew i likely wouldn't be home last night (9pm my time) to nab one before they were gone. and i just happened to mosey on over this morning after stopping by the metal shop, and wha?? hey, yay for me!! even if i did have to dip into my "house fund" for it. :D i'm positively giddy!!!!