Thursday, July 23, 2009

Oh, Yay :)

The well is nearly full.
Today was heavenly: woke up in Schmilly's arms and finished up a custom bag-let before going to pilates. Here's where it got really out of the ordinary neat-o:
After pilates the studio owner came in and asked if we wanted to stay for a demonstration of sound healing, as the woman would be coming back to give a workshop on it in August and they wanted to see how it felt in this studio....
oh my word.
My mind was still and my body felt so deeply at peace. She played Tibetan Singing Bowls and had a giant rain stick and all sorts of really neat sound-making devices. It was really special and free, which is amazing.
Came home and had a few free minutes to buy a couple cabs that people are clamoring for and then off to the chiropractor I went.
I now sit on my couch eating Ranier cherries and skimming through a book called "The Whole Mind".
May all your wells likewise be refilled by sweet serendipity!


Cindy said...

We have recently been gifted with Ranier cherries. They are most wonderful!

Aspen Wear said...

Sounds like a wonderful day!

Nancy*McKay said... really ARE eating cherries...adorable!!!