Friday, July 24, 2009

A Change of Pace

I was in deep need of sprouting, and I thought you might be, too, so I went and made some for us.
In the process I think my little spirit might have grown a few buds!
The first piece is a ring in size 7.5. The band is a suuuper thick 10 gauge sterling wire, hammered and shaped with might!
The canvas is an altered square and the embellishment is a little sprout bouquet right next to one of the most beautiful stones I have ever seen: a square of quartz with dendritic inclusions; some sort of rutile.

My second offering is a lovely cherry blossom sprout tree pendant with a nice luxe chain and a really pretty twig toggle clasp.

The colors (created by coral and pink shell) are just soothing and lovely
and the feminine feel of the pendant is so nicely balanced out by the hammered strength of the chain.
Very fancy, very special!

Lastly, a little something delicate and tender:

A miniature sprout tree pendant in citrus shades: lightest lemon, tangerine and blood orange (really two pieces of amber and one citrine!)
It feels really refreshing on and whisper light.

Normally when I write about the piece I list them immediately: I will be listing these beauties tomorrow morning before my knitting class (I love discovering how to knit!)
around 9 AM Cali Time.

I hope you have all had a lovely week, and I look forward to sharing these pieces with you tomorrow!!!


Nancy*McKay said...

...knit ONE
...purl TWO
...visit SunnyRisingMetal Etsy shop THREE

...sounds like the beginnings of a great weekend...

Good Girls Studio said...

pretty pretties! Will you be posting pics of your knitted creations?

Runs4fun said...

Greetings on a Sunday evening...

My custom-made lovely ring has arrived. I adore it.
I cannot thank you enough.

If you go to my empty-ish blog, you will find some photos and a note.


Dave said...

I love the Cherry Blossom tree one... I might have to buy that one.