Thursday, July 16, 2009


I just wrote about leather being the winner of this week's attention, and here I am listing silver things. Well, here's the thing:
I am slow. Methodical. When I make something silver it normally takes a few days. I have girlfriends who make spectacular creations in a day: I am more of a tortoise, making bezels one day, then taking the next step the next day: on certain projects.
Some others I tear through like a bucket of good fried chicken. Mmmmm...
Being that my shop inventory keeps getting a bit low, I decided to spend the late morning/afternoon finishing up some pieces already in creation to make sure you silver lovers have more choices and some fresh pieces.
May I introduce the new lovelies!!

A stunning caramel drusy cabochon... it seriously makes me feel like I've just had desert
every time I look upon its gorgeous high sparkle and rich color.
I especially love the dot of orange!

Size 7.5 and in the Metal Shop this evening.

Pietersite - it looks like a mountain getting rain in the desert... so peaceful and quiet, a picture of renewal.
Size 6 in the Metal Shop this evening.

A round slug of real raw copper, heavy and small... this little necklace shines like the sun!

Two simple sprout necklaces that say such lovely things: the big one says "Gentle" and the small one says 'we'. The sprouts on the small one look like a mother and child or two loved ones of any kind. They look like a we.

All of these pieces will be available in the Metal Shop this evening!


resolute twig said...


Corinna said...

The pietersite ring is divine!! If only I could squeeze it onto my little sausage fingers... not that there's anything wrong with little sausage fingers. They're pretty cute. Anyways, always love to see what you create next; it's inspiring!

Emily said...

That pietersite is amazing. I find a lot of it to be a little over the top but that piece is truly gorgeous.

Oh, and I'm completely with you on the pace of (metal) creation. Sometimes I feel like nothing at all is accomplished despite hours of work. Nice to know I'm not the only one who is on the slow side of things :)

Desiree Fawn said...

I SERIOUSLY admire how much work you get done!!

Nancy*McKay said...

...that caramel drusy is...lickable...yes, lick~able!