Friday, July 3, 2009

Friday's Menu

Custom Moctezuma Agate (the last of this particular breed, more to come soon!)
for a dear, dear friend.

This lovely sprout necklace will go to the winner of my year Etsy-versary for the Metal Shop!! I'll announce the details on Sunday!

This is a giiiiiant Imperial Jasper set simply in a sterling bezel and hung with a gorgeous and very substantial chain. It is 20 inches long, fits more like 19.5.

A lovely sprout necklace that reminded me so much of summer that I put 'bask' on the back, because what else are you to do when the weather is this lush?

Last but most certainly not least is a lovely Amethyst vase ring with my newest addition to the sprout family: wild sprouts!! Their movement is less predictable, more like constellations than something that grew from the ground.

On the back are stamped the words "grow wild". Indeed!!! Size 9.
Everything that is for sale will be listed in the Metal Shop this evening.

Have a happy, safe and joyful Fourth tomorrow!!!


Anonymous said...

That amethyst ring is so wonderful I laughed out loud when I saw it. Love the wild sprouts. Your creativity knows no bounds.

The big jasper necklace looks like a shield against any misfortune that might occur while one is wearing it . . .

Nancy*McKay said... scrumptious...

and i'm a HUGE believer in...

...DESSERT first...